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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Song of the Week! 24 September 2016

For this week's feature, you're about to hear the very same song twice! (... kinda... sorta... not really)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Twitter Snippets (20 September 2016) - Taiko no Tatsujin at Autumn Reitasai '16

Pre-livestream, slow news days for the Taiko front isn't that new of a phenomenon and as an enforcer of that statement, the only story-related content we can offer you as of now is an announcement... of future announcements.

To be more precise, the Taiko Team will host yet another Touhou Project-related event in occasion for the incoming Autumn edition of the Hakurei Shrine Reitasai convention for everything Touhou, with the full details being revealed during the Sep 30th livestream run (of which the broadcast link is also supplied above!).

For the sake of completion, we also leave you with a direct link for the Autumn Reitasai's other gaming-related events, with the appearance -among others- of other software companies (namely Konami and Sega) attending the event with their music series for free plays/exclusive songs and Taito's returning Groove Coaster series with a brand new soundtrack album being purchasable during the event.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Shishihagemai Lyrics

Composition, Arrangement, Lyrics: Masako Oogami (大上昌子)
Vocals: Masako Oogami (大上昌子) as Shishimai; Yoshihito Yano (矢野義人) as Namahage

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Breaking: Chain Chronicle TGS2016 Press Conference Reveals 2nd Taiko Collab


While, as we said, Taiko no Tatsujin is not having much to go on in this year's Tokyo Game Show, staying tuned to the Sega Booth mainly to look at Puyos originally turned out to be fruitful because Sega's mobile RPG-turned franchise plans for another collaboration.

This time around, Don-chan will be more than just a weapon and be available as a full-blown character for you to do (whatever you do in Chain Chronicle). On the Taiko no Tatsujin front, AC0 Red ver. and iOS/Android Plus STH will feature new Chain Chronicle music to play to. The two-way collaboration will come in about Autumn 2016.

Sympho-Neighbours - An Ode to Endless Oblivion

Once again, a song removal announcement for the currently-running line of Taiko arcades can mean the definitive end for a selection of tracks to be playable in any Taiko no Tatsujin-related media ever released to date (with a few exceptions), unlike being framed in their cabinet version forever with the past numbered arcade titles.

That being said, acts of definitive banishment from a music series are far from new, as many music game franchises in both past and present times are performing this kind of stunt from time to time! Here's a selection of some of the most prominent tales of forever-gone songs in other music series.

Taiko no Tatsujin Red Ver. (International) Song List

After a long, long wait, Taiko no Tatsujin in Asia seems to have finally almost caught up with the Japanese release! No, no Donder Hiroba yet, but in terms of new content, Red Version (Asia) has an almost 1:1 match with its Japanese brethren, including all new songs from Day 1 save one licensed song, and with an early song update that came at the same day as the JP version too, which is quite impressive. Loads of old songs previously never available for Asia have been released too.

Asian Red is also the first time the Don Point system has been reset for the region; all previous songs in the point chain have been unlocked by default for all players. Smart fixes to the user interface mirror that of the JP release; separating costume select from diving straight into the game, and putting exit signs every five or six songs on folder select (for players who find it more intuitive than hitting right kat -> left kat).

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Song of the Week! 17 September 2016

This week it was revealed that the Taiko Team is holding a couple of week-long Twitter campaigns for the next livestream session, with the latter of the couple, #譜面ジャー組み合わせ (lit. '#MusicSentaiCombination'), being about a poll to decide which among three recurrent notecharters in Taiko games will get to collaborate for a future forked-path song.

While I'm still not that much versed on frequently using Twitter, I might as well join the voting fun by having my pick as our latest Song of the Week feature! ...will the vote count this way, too?