Friday, February 24, 2017

[RANDOM] - Only-for-the-latest-firmware, Yellow Version Edition

Today's topic focuses on one of the less-documented aspects from official sources spread by Bandai Namco over the Internet about the transition to a new Taiko no Tatsujin firmware for the ongoing HD arcade line.

By this point, we are already used to hear about song removals that are affecting all the involved Taiko updates, as this is the only course of action that is promptly addressed by the Taiko Team online through blog updates or other Internet means of communication (for the latest round of removals, click here). There is, however, another batch of songs that gets deleted from all the previously-released HD firmware versions of the current arcade line, meaning that the only way to play those tracks in a game center is to find the most recent Taiko arcade version. While this underground song removal is often speculated to be a way to push vendors into the next firmware release (as some of the most recent/popular songs usually get involved on this course of action), to find data for this aspect is often a daunting task, as it usually comes out only from in-store notices from the arcade rooms that are not updating to the next firmware (or eventually delaying its release).

After the jump is the list of formerly-released tracks that will only be playable in the latest Taiko firmware after the launch of the next version, updated to the upcoming Yellow Version release. Credit to the users of Japanese Taiko wiki wikihouse for the find!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Namco Taiko Blog (23 February 2017) - March 2017's Taiko Team Livestream, the Schedule


A new arcade version is upon us, and with that is also a new livestream session with the Taiko Team talking about all you need to know about its Day 1 schedule! The full schedule of the broadcast awaits after the jump.

3DS3 Update: Zap Goes the Donders: March 3DS3 DLC

In which we stop pandering to the normies crowd with a selection celebrating the core Taiko no Tatsujin fans. Coming March 2.

DLC: March Free Download
 Extreme MGG★★★  (+ Ura)(~2017/04/05)
   「ミュージックガンガン!2」よりMusic GunGun! 2

DLC: Donder Pack 1 (500 yen +tax)
 Surf Zapping NEW!
   t+pazolite / 「シンクロニカ」より Synchronica
ミュージック・リボルバー Music Revolver (+ Ura)
   「ミュージックガンガン!2」よりMusic GunGun! 2
てんびん座急行 夜を行く Tenbinza Kyuukou Yoru o Iku Console debut
ヌムジカac.10 Numujika ac.10 
Princess of Donder Console debut
   MOES feat.海保えりか Erika Kaiho

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Diver Lyrics

Composition, Arrangement, Lyrics: Kawagen
Vocal: Kako Kurose (黒瀬佳子)

Japanese lyrics sourced from Namco Taiko Blog dated June 9 2016

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Twitter Snippets (21 February 2017) - Happy 16th Taiko Anniversary!

We come back to the Twitter spectrum of posts as Takemoto is here to celebrate the 16th birthday of the franchise! February 21st has been the release day of the very first arcade, so Takemoto's celebratory message is coupled with selected Taiko Team members like Etou and Sasaoka attaching both celebratory messages and drawings to the tweet.

Here's to 16 more years of drumming goodness!

Twitter Snippets (21 February 2017) - 3rd Taiko x iM@S Cinderella Girls, the Aftermath Content

The final round of announcements for the latest Taiko x Cinderella Girls collaboration event, ironically enough, is about a slew of Taiko-related content that is about to approach the Cinderella Girls mobile game once that the event itself has ended!

The first of these after-collab additions is the possibility to purchase a Taiko cabinet which plays Angel Dream every time that is being activated.

The two leftover elements are introduced in a subsequent tweet, with the first of these being the inclusion of a promo card of LiPPS idol Mika Jougasaki, featuring the same illustration of the collaboration art that was launched with the related website. Last but not least, the Cinderella Girls app will receive a permanent minigame that goes under the title of "Dondoko Paradise", which -judging by the 'Presented by Taiko no Tatsujin' label- is most likely to be a Taiko-themed rhythm minigame.

Both the collaboration website and the one of the Cinderella Girl app will be updated with these elements in the next few days.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Taiko Plus/STH: Early February GTH Additions

We're here once again to tell you that yes, we missed yet another timely coverage of newly-added Gakkyoku Tori Houdai songs for the Taiko + games and yes, we would like a more straightforward method from the Team for us to get informed better and in advance...

Gakkyoku Tori Houdai Adds: February 1

 Zen Zen Zense (前前前世)
 Ajia no Junshin (アジアの純真)
 Flight of the Bumblebee (熊蜂の飛行)
 Asagao (アサガオ)